Student-Focused Educational Objectives: What is Personalized Learning?

There are different types of students and different learning styles. Not every child learns the same way or responds to traditional approaches. Personalized learning tailors curriculum and lesson plans to meet children where they are. This is an educational approach that focuses on the type of learner and what motivates them. The personalized objective means using unique tools in the instruction process.

Teachers can appeal to students who require hands-on aspects to learning. They can also appeal to students who need more instruction. Tools and resources, including technology, help with these goals. Once you determine what type of learner your student is, you can better teach concepts and see overall success. There are specific ways to pinpoint these styles and to incorporate them in the way that you teach.

Utilize Games and Projects

One way to determine if you have a hand-on interactive learner is to utilize games and individual projects. These students usually jump at the chance to participate. They like to play an active role in their own learning. This doesn’t mean that they are limited in other areas or to other approaches. It simply means that they benefit from these types of opportunities.

Provide Written Details

Some students are strong readers from the start. They enjoy being able to read instructions and to work independently to achieve goals. Teachers who provided detailed written instruction for assignments can assist these students. They will excel in working where their able to solve problems through reading. Research, report writing and internet activities can be used to personalize these students learning experience.

Introduce Real Examples

Real life examples are fun for all students. There are some students who benefit more from these opportunities. Field trips to the zoo, for example, allow them to see elephants, giraffe and other animals that they’ve read about. This type of real example can help with teaching certain concepts. They are instrumental when it comes to absorbing new material and working on related projects. Students who benefit from this teaching approach are likely to utilize it in other areas.

Allow Creativity

Creativity is something that is missing from many classrooms these days. It is a tool, however, that can be used to enhance learning. Art is one example of the creative approach. Students get the chance to use colors, paint, crafts and other activities to harmonize with what they’re already learning. This can be a fun activity that aids with instruction. There are unique projects for Science, History and Literature that can aid with retention of material and concepts.

Personalized learning is one of the reasons that homeschool is so popular. It is possible to dedicate more time to student needs with this method of education. In traditional school settings, teachers have less time to focus on specific learning styles and tailored programs. This is a way, however, to ensure that each student reaches their full potential. It is also a way to educate that allows for the use of diverse techniques to achieve instruction goals.

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Proofreading Services, Important Dissertation Writing Services in Academic Works

In the university, essays, dissertation writing services, reports, assignments, and other academic paraphernalia are part and parcel of a student’s academic growth and excellence. Besides being top-quality enough to warrant an accolade, they must be error-free, flawless, and comprehensive. To achieve all these and further enhance the work’s quality, proofreading is one prominent aspect that one must always consider.

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Useful Learning For Junior High Students and They Love It!


Private school, home school, public school or unschool ..the low-price YMBA workbook series is a “must do” for your children.  Each of the YMBA workbooks, (Accounting, Marketing, Finance, Business Law and Business Math), are an opportunity to practice math skills and build an understanding of needed real-life topics.  The kids loved learning and I was excited to see “how to write a check”, “make a budget”, “market your idea”, along with a discussion of assets, investing, legal terms and so much more!  Learning was useful and the examples are so funny the kids laughed while learning!

The YMBA Business and Consumer Math presents real-world math topics that each student immediately appreciates as practical and useful. The workbooks are designed with students in grades 6 to 9, but enjoyed by students of all ages who seek to learn about consumer and business math. Computing sales tax percentages, evaluating time and distance, miles per gallon or wages and salary. YMBA students realize how each of the topics is useful in their own day.  A clear understanding of these everyday skillsis a benefit.  The format of a lesson and a work page prompts students to solve the questions and understand the solutions. Learning math is fun and effective uniting students around useful consumer math life skills.  This is not just a workbook – the lessons are included – and is therefore called a learning workbook, with over 50 worksheets on a variety of topics.

The series presents one topic at a time in a detailed and simple to understand format. Ideas are approached and discussed in a variety of styles to capture a students learning style. A lesson on the left page, immediately followed by a worksheet on the right page, is a wonderful process to reinforce the lesson. Business concepts are generally introduced to students at the end of high school or in college. YMBA believes students can achieve an understanding of the business world with the use of comprehensive introduction style learning workbooks. Each of the topics is discussed using relevant examples based on familiar student scenarios.

This popular series is a wonderful option for a home school unit study, a private school elective or a summer bridge workbook to keep skills sharp for any student. The worksheet pages, known as “The Drawing Board”, provide an opportunity for students to implement analytical math skills. Worksheet pages keep students engaged and actively learning by seeking on-going student input. An added bonus: each learning workbook includes an end of book quiz to provide students a chance to demonstrate their enhanced understanding of the subject. As the student completes the learning workbook you will likely see a demonstration of pride and confidence in their new business skills. Understanding the financial results of business and personal decisions establish a foundation for the future for each student. Business skills are utilized in every industry and an understanding of business is essential for future success. So why wait? Visit to choose one or all of the workbooks to give your student the gift of useful knowledge!  Begin achieving more with YMBA learning workbooks and provide a path for student accomplishment

Preparing for IELTS? Top Tips to Help Any Student


Those who are thinking about going abroad and studying, in the United States, Canada, Australia, or United Kingdom specifically, are probably aware of IELTS (International English Language Testing System). This is  the test which you must score high in order to show your proficiency in English language. Typically, you can pick this test, and once done, send the results to respective universities and colleges of your choice.

There is a simple set of steps that one should maintain while preparing for IELTS.

  1. Brush up on the grammar. A huge part of IELTS is grammar, and yes, if you make a mistake, you are doomed. Typically, you will be asked questions which would test your basic grasp at English grammar, so, bring out your grammar books and start studying. Know the difference between past perfect and past perfect continuous tense, find out what modal is, and make sure you know your adverbs. It will help you immensely while you sit there for the exam.
  2. Check out samples of the exam papers. On the internet, you will find plenty of IELTS exam papers, and you should check them out. Even if you know everything about English grammar and language, it never hurts to see what kind of questions you can expect during the test, and it pays to study it well.
  3. Make sure the sentence makes sense. Once you are finishing off a particular sentence in the course of the test, see to it that the sentence has perfect grammar, and also makes sense. A statement that doesn’t make sense is probably not the right answer.
  4. Know the meaning of difficult words. This is something that virtually every person who has taken the IELTS will ask you to do. Know word meanings, and simplify them to ensure your sentence makes sense.
  5. Write more. IELTS comes with writing tasks where you will have to write something and it always help if you write more in preparation. Create logical arguments, deal with a particular matter with clarity of thought, and make sure you state your opinion clearly and without grammatical or syntactic error.
  6. Sit for a few practice exams. On the internet, you will find a huge number of sites which would help you with IELTS preparation. Go there and check out free and paid practice exams. Take one or more of them to feel more familiar with the test and question pattern. Also, this helps a lot in strategizing about the way you can tackle the exam.
  7. Time management. This seems to be a huge issue with a lot of people who give the exam. Make sure you don’t spend too much time on any particular task. If it looks like you are, just move on to the next for the time being.

These simple tips are easy to remember, but they come in handy. They can help you immensely while you sit for your next IELTS test, and help you score more than you ever thought that you could.

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Homeschooling the ADHD Student

Teaching an ADHD student requires a mixture of structure and flexibility: ADHD students need to have a predictable routine and to understand what you expect of them. But a teacher also needs to be flexible and make adjustments to keep the learning on track even on the rough days.

ADHD students exhibit symptoms in different ways so a homeschool may be the best educational environment for that student; parents know their children’s abilities and triggers better than a public school teacher ever could.  It is the parent/teacher’s job to create a classroom that will best serve the ADHD student.The classroom needs to have structure and discipline or it will devolve into chaos. Every child thrives within a structured environment with predictable routines they can count on; when a child knows what to expect next they can relax and enjoy the day. A child with ADHD is even more dependent on a predictable schedule, especially when working on a task they do not enjoy: finish writing your letters and then it will be outside play time. The schedule should be accompanied by consequences that are consistent and fair: if you do not write your letters, we do not go outside. Parent/teachers have to be careful not to make concessions or give in to whining or tantrums, this rewards the negative behavior and encourages it’s efficacy in the child’s mind.

On the other hand, some flexibility within the schedule is important and will help keep the peace in the classroom. If an ADHD child starts the morning with tantrums and grumpiness, maybe a change in scenery is in order: rather than writing letters on paper ask the child to write letters in sand, shaving cream, or outside with chalk.

Parent/teachers creating lesson plans for their children with ADHD need to keep that diagnosis and their children’s unique needs in mind as they prepare. Some children with ADHD are unable to focus on a task, especially a sedentary one, for long periods of time.  A lesson plan for children exhibiting these symptoms would need to incorporate physical activity, changes in scenery, and frequent changes in activity. When students are allowed to pace or fidget while listening to instruction, to stand while writing or drawing, and alternate sitting still with movement, they will generally have more success.

Other ADHD children have a tendency to become fixated on a specific topic or task; smart parent/teachers can take advantage of this fixation and use it to encourage learning.  Ask a child obsessed with dinosaurs to write dinosaur names to practice writing letters, utilize small dinosaurs to learn math skills, or move like a dinosaur to practice gross motor skills.

Teaching a child with ADHD in a homeschool setting can be a challenging task but it can also be very fulfilling when a parent/teacher creates a lesson plan that works well for the child. When a parent sees progress and success in their ADHD child, it is gratifying and a reward for all the hard work that goes into planning and the patience required for instruction.

Mimi Rothschild is a veteran homeschooling mother of 8, writer of a series of books called Cyberspace for Kids, and passionate advocate for children and education that is truly worthy of them. In 2001, Mimi and her late husband founded Learning By Grace, a leading provider of online Christian homeschooling Academies.

Why Patience is a Virtue in Homeschooling

Tackling the task of homeschooling your children is not one to be taken lightly. Not only are you solely responsible for the education of your child but there are no breaks, no putting them on the bus, no sending them to a principal for discipline. The mornings may be long, the afternoons interminable, and the nights never-ending but it is worth it in the end to know that your child is thriving under your tutelage.

It is not easy to be patient, especially once your children have figured out exactly how to push your buttons. Children have an innate ability to annoy their parents and push them right to the edge of their tolerance and then follow it up with an act of sweetness so divine it almost seems other-worldly. Until that moment of loving grace arrives, parent/teachers need to keep it together and not let the children see the pulsing vein in your neck or hear the pounding in your head.

In the absence of school administration, you are both the giver of hugs and praise and the firm enforcer of the rules. You must be your child’s biggest cheerleader while at the same time holding her accountable for her actions. It is a fine line made easier with a healthy dose of patience. If you can maintain your steady demeanor when your children are misbehaving during class time, you are teaching them a valuable lesson: you can’t beat me.

When you lose your temper during lessons, your child learns that anger or outbursts are the solution to frustration and impatience. You will see an outbreak of defiant and angry behavior in your children if you demonstrate and model impatience. You may even witness older children yelling at their younger siblings when things don’t go their way. As a homeschooling parent, you are, without question, the biggest influence on your child’s behavior. He is modeling himself after you and mimicking your responses to stressful situations. Patent/teachers need to be cognizant of that fact at all times

When, not if, you lose your patience during lessons, you can remedy the situation by addressing it as soon as you have calmed down. Apologize to the children and explain what you were feeling and why you felt that way. You can hold the children accountable for their contributions to the problem but do not diminish your role. Teaching your child that she is responsible for her own response to someone else’s behavior is invaluable. You can then brainstorm together alternative responses to stressful situations. It is helpful to role play and practice proper displays of emotion as well so children have a chance to internalize the information before the situation arises.

No parent is perfect and parents who choose to homeschool set themselves up for more potential meltdowns. Teaching and learning are stressful and often bring out the worst in adults and children alike. When things don’t go our way, when we don’t understand something right away, or when a project doesn’t turn out quite like we hoped, we get frustrated. But when parents model and teach patience, everyone has better days.

Mimi Rothschild is a veteran homeschooling mother of 8, writer of a series of books called Cyberspace for Kids, and passionate advocate for children and education that is truly worthy of them. In 2001, Mimi and her late husband founded Learning By Grace, a leading provider of online Christian homeschooling Academies.


Top 5 Reasons to Love Your Husband

The truth is that sometimes men make themselves hard to love; they are stinky, difficult to read, and obstinate. Of course, loving your husband isn’t always a chore but for those moments when you need a reminder, here are the top 5 reasons to love your husband:

  1. He will do gross things. God bless him for cleaning your hair out of the drain, sticking his hand in the clogged garbage disposal, and chucking the dead mouse out of the house. Sure, women are perfectly capable of taking care of all of these things but if you can get your husband to do it, why wouldn’t you? He can probably open a stuck jar, move a heavy bookcase, and fix a broken door hinge as well; husbands can be handy to have around!
  2. He truly wants to make you happy. Have you ever seen a besotted husband frantically pacing the feminine hygiene or makeup aisle? Your husband will do practically anything, despite his discomfort or embarrassment, to make your life easier and bring a smile to your face. When you’re too tired to make dinner, he will order takeout. When you feel fat, he will remind you how beautiful you are. A loving husband wants to make your life easier and help you be your best self and there is no better gift than that.
  3. Your husband doesn’t care what you’re wearing, how long ago you washed your hair, or what size your jeans are. He wants you to be happy, healthy, and in love and that’s it. When you ask for his opinion on your outfit, he is reading your face to see if you feel good in it. When you ask what he wants for dinner, he is attempting to read your mind to figure out what you’re hankering for. When he kisses you in the hallway, he is hoping your kiss will demonstrate your passion for him. All your husband wants is your love and affection and, really, that isn’t too much to ask.
  4. He thinks you’re the most beautiful girl in the world. He does, he really, truly does. No matter what you think when you look in the mirror, your husband knows you are the most magnificent creature that has ever entered his universe. Sure he might notice attractive women at the mall but you possess the unique blend of beauty, brains, and that certain something that made him want to be your husband more than anything in the world.
  5. You made a commitment to love him, in spite of his flatulence and dirty underwear on the floor. You took a vow to love your husband until death parted you so even when you don’t particularly like him, even if he refuses to take the garbage out this week, and even if he balks at shopping for your feminine hygiene products; you love, honor and respect the man you married.

Marriage isn’t always easy but loving a man who simply wants to make you happy can be. Love changes as people grow and mature but a developing love story is what great marriages are made of.

Mimi Rothschild is a veteran homeschooling mother of 8, writer of a series of books called Cyberspace for Kids, and passionate advocate for children and education that is truly worthy of them. In 2001, Mimi and her late husband founded Learning By Grace, a leading provider of online Christian homeschooling Academies.

The Valuable Impact Of Leadership Speakers And Others

It is useful to invite individuals, such as economic speakers, to make presentations to groups of people in your charge. Staff members and workers of all sorts need the occasional chance to hear new viewpoints and reflect on their own lives and work. For the presentations to be successful it is not necessary for speakers to address anything relevant to work. The most important characteristic of any such presentation is the opportunity it offers listeners to reevaluate themselves.

Economic Speakers

The topics of these lecturers can be much more exciting than new sales techniques. Sales speakers can revivify interest in work and help turn daily chores into quests for excellence. These economic speakers can also help their audiences learn more about themselves and others when they teach them about things such as non-verbal communication, self-promotion and grand sales strategies. Such presentations are also good ways to help potential leaders identify themselves as they grasp the deeper meaning of their work.

Time Management

All audiences can benefit from opportunities to hear more about how they can use their time. Having good time management skills ensures success; whether it is in the business world or while working on your education. That is why this is such a good topic for a variety of audiences. Whether you are planning a speaker for students, senior citizens or workers, the issue of time management will not fail to have an impact. You can count on positive feedback from audiences when presentations such as these alter their lives as a result.

Leadership Speakers

Leadership is perhaps the most crucial topic in a work environment. Having good leadership skills can set you apart from your co-workers and has a huge impact on that promotion. It is hard to pick up leadership skills and demonstrate them. It is also difficult to find these qualities in people. Inviting a leadership speaker to give a presentation before any group of people will give everyone a chance to evaluate their skills in this area.

Inspirational Speakers

The greatest thing about inspirational speakers is the variety of topics that they can utilize in order to motivate their audiences. Speaking about sales or time management limits the scope of a presentation somewhat. However, motivational speakers have a vast array of topics at their disposal. Speakers can draw on situations from their own lives to inspire people to overcome adversity. They can also speak simply about overcoming the usual obstacles in life to become the successful persons that they have always wanted to be.

Since the scope of possible topics is so wide, it is much more likely that the presentations will directly address something in the lives of the listeners. Motivational talks also have the ability to move any type of audience toward self-improvement. It is very easy for motivational topics to distract people from their present work or struggles while simultaneously inspiring them to do better.

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Solutions for all subjects

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Assignment that speaks volumes

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Illinois Department of Corrections-Stateville prison inmate search

Stateville prison inmate search and inmate locator services all usa county gov. county jails, bop federal prison records access 24/7 more info on site

Every single element on earth receive a different level of classification and is categorized by its value, importance, the hazard, price and so on, such as the Stateville prison. This earthling systematic configuration help differentiates what belongs to the top and what belongs to the bottom such as the Stateville prison. The bottom element has a higher chance of shifting to an upper classification however the top element has a lower chance to stay on the top for a long period of time such as This rule have been repeated time and time over again into a multitude of examples but there will always be exceptions to this rule or any other rule for that matter, such as the Stateville prison.

The Stateville prison is mapped in Crest Hill Illinois and is about 3 kilometers away from another dangersome but shutdown prison, the Joliet Correctional Center.

The Stateville prison in Illinois is classified as a level 1 maximum-security prison and is an extremely menacing prison the like of San Quentin State prison, Folsom State prison, Pelican Bay prison, Alcatraz Island in its prime, Rykers Island jail and dozens of other prisons and jails in the United States of America and throughout the world. The Stateville prison is 1 of the 50 correctional facilities currently in 2010-2011, under the responsibility of the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC). The Stateville prison sit on a field of 8.9km2 which 260 000 m2 and surrounded with 10 meters concrete walls and 10 watch towers.

If driven near the Stateville prison address’ 16830 IL RT53 Crest Hill, IL 60403, the geographical superstructures of the stateville prison may seem marvelous but many of these buildings have been shutdown for years and the ones still functional are heavily overcrowded. The Stateville prison was established back in 1925 and blueprinted to imprison 1506 inmates but nowadays there’s a whopping 3500 inmates being rehabilitated. The level 1 classification which the Stateville prison has been given is the highest and most dangersome out of the 8 classifications given to prisons and jails. So to elaborate, 60% of inmates imprisoned within the Stateville prison are serving time for murder, 20% are blockaded because they rape another Illinoisan or committed a similar criminal act and even more disturbing 85% will be inside the Stateville prison for at least 20 years.

Although it cost the Illinois Department of Corrections approximately 32 000$ annually to feed, dress, house and rehabilitate each inmate within the Stateville prison, the security layouts have additionally been implemented for the beneficial well-being of all the 1300 employees and the roaming guards. The most tough-gong and troublesome inmates within the Stateville prison are blockaded in a unit referred to as the F-House which many others call the roundhouse. The F-House symmetry within the Stateville prison is shape as a panopticon which was the ideology of British philosopher and prison reformer Jeremy Bentham back in 1785. To better explain, the F-House within the Stateville prison resembles the ancient gladiator arenas from Rome. The F-House is a circular shaped craftsmanship which all the inmates’ cells are coordinated according to the layout itself and a security room which looks like a lighthouse is place in the middle. This magnificent geometrical figure within the Stateville prison enables the security guards to have a perfect peripheral of 360 degrees at any given time. Nonetheless, the Stateville prison had an extremely violent history hence additional guards armed with shotguns and rifles are located way above the inmate population which gives them a good sniping position in case of violent altercations from inmates towards the outnumbered floor guards and possible prison break tryout within and without the Stateville prison.